Complete Paper (Paper #1)


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Equations and Equalities

  • Linear equations
  • Quadratic equations
  • 3rd degree polynomials and factorizing
  • Completing the square
  • Root equations
  • Rational Equations
  • Determinant and discriminant

Series and Sequences

  • Arthimetic Sequence and sums
  • Geometric Sequences and sums
  • Sum of a infinite series
  • Quadratic sequences

Functions and Graphs

  • Sketching straight lines
  • Sketching quadratic functions
  • Sketching 3rd degree polynomials
  • Sketching exponential and log functions
  • Properties of log and exponential functions
  • Sketching hyperbolas
  • Understanding derivations and tangent lines
  • Transformations

Financial Mathematics

  • Understanding the concept of Simple interest
  • Understanding the concept of compound interest
  • Calculation the present,future value and term and interest rates.
  • Calculating the future value for an investment with payments(ordinary annuity)
  • Calculating the present value for an loan with payments(ordinary annuity)


  • Understanding the concept of a sample space,events,compliment,and,or
  • Understand the concept of a venn diagram
  • Making sure you know the definition of independence
  • Understanding the formulas of probabilities
  • Understand the arrangement of numbers and letters(Permutations, Combinations)
  • Understanding how to draw a tree diagram and calculating probabilities from the tree diagram

Which includes detailed hand written, step by step solutions.


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