Complete Paper (Paper #2)


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  • Understanding the basic concepts of the four quadrants
  • Understanding the ratios of sin,cos,tan,cosec,sec,cot
  • Making sure you can prove identities
  • Understand the concept of calculating trig equations
  • Understand the sin,cos and area rule for a non 90 degree angle
  • Compliment angles
  • Which angles to add and subtract in each quadrant
  • Applications of trigonometry

Analytical Geometry

  • Understanding the straight lines summary
  • Understand the distance formula between two points
  • Understand the mid point between two points
  • Understand the inclination angle of a straight line
  • Understand the concept of a circle and the center moving
  • Understand the concept of tangents to the circles


  • linear regression
  • Mean, mode, median, variance standard deviation of a frequency table
  • Mean, mode, median, variance standard deviation of data numbers
  • Whisker box plot and distribution

Which includes detailed hand written, step by step solutions.


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